What can be learnt from the game?

Thanks to a short gameplay, the players can experience interdependence and the impact humankind has on nature,
and they can see for themselves how important a sensible management of the God given common good is. They learn how the lack of cooperation
and communication, as well as self-centred approach, makes the communal life complicated and difficult to reach common goals.


In the game, inspired by Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter, the players receive, for communal management,
a beautiful, green forest full of old trees with big canopies. The forest is their home
- it offers protection, livelihood and development.
The players are responsible for the consequences of managing common good.

A serious game or learning via expierience

A result that, in reality, could be treated as a failure, as part of a serious game is nothing more than a learning process, forcing the players to reflect on their actions and the consequences.

The knowledge that stays with the participants does not take the form of laws and statements given by a teacher, but is an effect of self-reflection and the self-discoveries of the players. It makes for easy memorisation and is applicable and usable in the real world.

making change -> expierience -> reflections -> conclusion ->
from 6 years

The game is created with families in mind. Younger children will need adult assistance in reading the descriptions.

45 min

The gameplay does not take more than 45 minutes. The game and discussion time depend on the game leader.

5-6 players

The game is designed for 5 - 6 players.

5 game sets

There are sets for groups (up to 30 players) available for the teachers and RE teachers.

The children play Laudato Si

First gameplay

Second gameplay

The game's creators

Piotr Magnuszewski

Łukasz Magnuszewski

Michał Pająk


Anna Tomik

Bartosz Naprawa


Jakub Damurski

Anna Koch

Michalina Kułakowska

Magdalena Liszka

Władysław Zołoto

Wojciech Iwanowski

Religious education teachers discuss the game



The game, created by the Centre for Systems Solution, was developed as an educational tool for religious education lessons as part of ‘New Earth’ project, funded from the European Commission (Climate-KIC) funds. A specialist from the Social Observatory has prepared lesson plans for RE teachers. Educational materials for parents and teachers were also created.